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. >> stolen car out of control at baltimore intersection. >> his body was twisted. it was something out of the movies. >>reporter: what an innocent victim was doing just seconds before the craah. this is on fire. you people need to move. >>reporter: 2 dozen horses dead after a barn fire. why the people who shot the video are being called heroes. >> warm ooe today but cool down more seasonnble temperatures coming. when we temperatures coming. when we can fall fall intt the 70's sz. >> hello. >> newspaper saleeman hit by a stolen car as the thief tried to get away from the cops. ú> happened on the corner of north and fulton avenue in west baltimore. kathleen is live at the scene with the very atess on this story
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tonight. kathleen. >>reporter: tonight poliie say they have the driver of the stolen car in custody. the crash happened right there. and the newspaper salesman hit remains hospitalized but is expected to survive. the newspaper salesman says goods frommthe median strip where he was when heliccpter when it crashed. peooll on the busy corner were shocked by how fast it >> it just bam. everybody just prayed. >> the way they ppttyou on the median strip sometimes it's kind of hard, you know. it >>reporter: 18-year-old davis has been arrested and s being chargeddwith steaaing theecar among otherrthings. mane whileethe newspaper salesman remains hoopitalized but once again he is expecteddto
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survivee live in west baltimore, fox 45 newssaa 5:30. okay kathleen. pooice are currently inveetigating a triple shoottng in weet baltimore. happened last tooight near lafayette avenue and north pace street. 3 men shot then took themselves to the hospital. all are expected to survive. city pooice make 3 arrest after another stabbing near penn station. this one in broad daylight. they ave arrested keith anderson, únderson, lawrence horton and myself wilson. police say the 3 teens attacked 37-year-old man around 3:30 yesterday afternoon on saint paul street. man was taken to the hospptal. now this happened just over a month after the researcher pit karen stabbed to death ii robbery walkinn home from penn station the recent rash of crime has one communiiy in east baltimore workinn on new crime plan. crimm and justice reporter joy ús here to tell us how they are fighting back by counting on a higher power. joy in. >> call it spiritual war fare.
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plan to fight crime that% involves church, politician and police. in christ name we ppay, amen. >>reporter: under operation good faath churches take responsibility for the 4 block that surround themmas well as the blook in front of them. it is called 4 plus 1. it ammunts to churches having -úmembers walling these streets on a nightly baais. rebuilding relationships with úhe community in hopes of getting criminals locked up. the newwcrime plan has already taken hold in some part of east baltimore and pollce say in thoss areas peace has been restored as fear dissipates. >> fear is decreased by the citizen.. the residents also seeing the crimmnal element -úleave the community. not úhowing upsetting up ssop. go out to and from without getting out of the car and who is going to rob them today or hit them in the head. >>repooter: councilman stoke whose helped organize today's work session saas this is all about come up with a crime
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plan that is sustainable. he along with police and religious leaders believe this ús. thii is fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you joychlt we want to hear how you are fighting back against crime. tell us -úwhat you are doing in your the streets. call this umber on thh screen. baltimore county police make an arrest after a home invasion in mill ford michlt rich was arrested northwest baltimore. last month he broke into house and stole money jeweery and guns. police arrested 4 other people connecttd to the crime. >> 2 alrm fire ripped through house in northwesttbaltimore this morning forring nearby nursing home to be evacuate the. it happened along liberty heights avenue just before 4. fire staated n a vacant home and pread fast. 6 the house next door and 4 from residents from nearby nursing home were also moved as precaution. >> man fires shots at his ex girlfriend causing 2 schools to lock down today. police
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were searching for joshua% prince. they say e fired shot at woman juut blocc from his walter johnson high and middde school in bethesda. both schools on lock down. prince surrendered to pennsylvania police later on this afternoon. baltimore county school was evacuated this morning because of a gasoline odorr students at saint clemen -úschool in rose dale sent home early today. parents got very nervous when hazmat crews arrived. >> panic. when you see emerggncy quipment in front says it will run ttsts at the school before it opens tomorrow. how are the roads looking tonight. lauren cook has our traffic edge report. lauren? >> thank you jennifer. if traveling througg the harbor tunnel tonight expect slow speed due to disabled vehiclee% that is close the one northbound lane at the steel bridge. we have several accidents in baatimore county. one in rice toww right on buuler road at sacrrd heart lane and owens mount st. helens right on rice town oad
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on saint thomas lane. west ssde f the belt way pretty high 444miles per hour along the inner llop lanes there t liberty road. as we check in and take a live look you notice quite a bit of volume bbt the cars moving along okay. it will slow up as you make the push to townsend checkiig in and taking a live lookkat york road yyu see the inner loop lanes will be jammed. speeds clockinggin at 14 miles per hour there. it will remain heavy as you make -úthe push to parkville. if traveling the northeast corridor of 95 we are looking at high speeds there. we are lacking at 61 mills per houu traveling northbound at route ú3 but we have an accident in nottingham at 100 and involve edge report now back to you. >> thhnnssso much. >> breaking news out of live in columbia tonight with the latest on the breakinn news sttry. >>reporter: that's right. we are still here at the scene. crimeetape up. investiiators
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are still here and yes we ere ttll that one person is dead. a woman believed to be in her 30's. her body is stiil inside the ccndominium. one man also believed to be in his ú0's who was in the condominium as well at the time was transported to shock ttauma with serious injurres. now this fire broke out around 2:45 this afternoon here at columbia. one of thenium in neighbors called 911 when they saw smoke come from the condo. what is interesting about this neither suffered from burn wounds or smoke inhalation. >> what we beliive at this timm is that both oo them were fire and we are still workingh to determine thh cause of the injuries. >>rrporter: no one else wws huut. no other apartments were damaged and again tte cause of this fire is still unknown. e will bring you the very latest coming up on the news at 10:00. live in co columbia, karen parks fox 45 -únews at 5:30. >> okay karen.
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>> time is quickly running out to get your absentee ballot. >> still ahead. important dead line tonight and other ways you can vote. if you can't get to the poll ext tuesday. >> p.m. a barn fireekills more than 24 horses in west virginia. still ahead on the news at 5:30. why the people called hhroes tonight.e being >> i'mmjohn. doesn't even
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%ú >>. >> he is not even licensed to practice medicine in the state of maryland but new jersey doctor now underr% investigation. >> he's accused of per forming abortions hhre, one which critically injured a young woman. john joins us with more onnwhat happened. john? >>reporter: the maryland state board of physicians has order add satisfies and desist úrder against dr. steven called to the hospital to investigate the injury of a young woman. she had sought an abootion in new jersey but police say dr. brigham had the woman transported by car to seize ill county so the procedure could be completed. but when complications
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occurred the woman was driven to the hospital 2 blocks away. police got little cooperation found inside caught detectives off guard. >> during our search we found% a chest reezer that had was filled with fetus. some that appeared to be full termm medical examiner ffice for further iivestigation. >>reporter: 2 other doctors involved in the botched abbrtion have already had the license temporarily suspended. bbth are scheduled to appear tomorrow before the state physician board to appeal that ddcisiin. this is ox 45 news at 5:30. thank you john. the us byyken stern lack at this. shows acres and acres of beautiful fun flowers in bloom in jarrretville when it comes to news in your neighborhood,
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neighborhood, up load photo to our web site and you can also senn photo direccly from the cell phone to picc at fox great weather to check out the sun flowers up 30. % absolutely beautiful. vytas has the sky watch forecast. vytas? ú> yes. beautiful day out there todayy plenty of temppratures were justta tad bit warmer it is beccuse we had high pressure in place and ddiving the temperatures up from the south and that is what is helping usssee the temperatures in the lower 90's. let's get to hd radar and show you what is going on out there. bsolutely nothing. relatively quiet conditions. clear sky skies. -únot a drop of rain anywhere. thhre are showers up to the northwest and hawaii but that won't quite get here any time soon. maybe to the northhof us a chance or a little sprinkle maybe to the south but i think the high pressure will continue to keep it to the west of us or south of us..% here's what is oinggon as farras the teeperatures. look at that. 91 in baltimore. hooking at 93 in dc. 91 hagerstown. western maryland where the 80's are at 81
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degrees and eastern shore folks at 80 and 86 in salsbury so right along the i-95 corridor you see the 90's pretty much prevalent and looks like we start to see sheaves in the temperatures as we good through tte next day out there nice breeze from 8y to 15 to 17 miles per hour winds. that's the case into tomorrow also breezy and through and thht wiil be mavs dropping our temperatures through the overnight. so expected to see clear skies mainly maybe few clouds ffw showers off to the west northh% and south of us but around baltimore we should stay dry. breezy conditions winds out of the south at 5 to 10 and pick úp 10 to 15 hrough the overnight. closer ook at how coming up in the 7 dayget forecast. >> thank you. >> all is quiet heee by trooical storm hermione iss% making her press he says fflt in texas. this is video from south padre sland poundd with heavy rain and wind up to 65
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mills an hour early this of rain there before this foot storm moves out. 27 horses dmi a blazz at the charles town race track in west virginia. and all caught >> the roof is on fire. you people eed to move. the roof is on firee >>reporter: this i cell phooe video captured by tourists visiting the casino nearby. shows massive flamee engulfing the barn juut before 5 this morning. make that 5:00 a.m. monday morningg people who shot the video also helped first rae responders rescue as many horses as they could. >> you could hear the cry from the orses. hey wwre just approximattly screaming at the top oo the lung. >>reporter: 30 horse ins all were saved. causs however remains under invesstgation. tonight is the deadline to -úrequest an absentee ballot for next week ppimary electioo.
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all mail request have to be received by 8 tonight at local board of eeection offices. 11:59 ppm. the dead lane for e-mail request. after today absentee ballot can be requested but only in person as locall lection board. this year primary is one week from today tuesday september 14. now early voting is already under way and runs through information about absenteee ballot or early voting just go to our web site slash news link there you find a link too6 thh state board of electton web site. >> stay with us for all the lateet political uses as primary day pproaches. go to fox slash vote 2010. paparraai come here. paparrazi latest edition to thh purple and black why happy to be part of the baltimore -úúavens. >> and the growing trend when
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it comes to treattng chronic pain. creating a big splash that's next in tonight's that's next in tonight's health
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asking. >> september is national recovery month. goal of the
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campaign is to help lower this number you are abouttto hear. 1 in 5 marylanders etween 18 aad 25 abuse drugg anddalcohol last year alone. but treatment s out there and it really does help. >> alcohol nd drug addiction is a chronic disease. treatment reduces substancc >>reporter: drug and alcohol prevention proggams are also avvillble of ourse. just last year alone they provided maryland 225,000 >> also today the city announces plans for a big week. group yoga session was heed at the university of maryland mmdiial ceeter to announce that seppember 27thh% through october st will be healthy city days. week ong initiative will feature many free accivity to motivate resident to live healthier smarter and longer. also -úfeature some big raven stars who want to lead by example. >> you don't have to be an nfl
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athlete to maintain yyur health. you don't have to go out and score touch downs. you can be anything you want to be and your health is important. eating right. >> also ree healtt screenings available and many area restaurants will show case healthy menu choices like these really good smoothies forrexample that combine healthy eating with a little pedal power. what's going onn6 there? úor more inforraaion about the healthy city initiative including full list of scheduled events good to our web site slash news link. the fastest growing way to conquer chronic pain is in water. >> the therapy at the maryland club has ex police employeded. the work out is hhrder than traditional work out. water resistance reduces strain on the joints. cluu now hiring even more trainers. >> aquatic therapy 10 years ago we would probably
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traditionally see between 3 and 5 clients a week with our trainers aad now we have between 80 and 100 sessions per week. >>reporter: most cliints ome it is refreshing to be coming to baltimore next in sports.
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. >> it was the biggest news in very news weekend. ravvns acquired one of the majortormenter in reeent impressivv receiving corps. seattle has to py him 7
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million this season fter releasing him. 3 55,000 pro-bowl inner07 his play against the ravens 13 times with the bengals averaging 6 caaches for 76 yards against úhat defense. after seeing aal the damage tell announced ann he was glad he did. >> go from the situation that% i was in and to come here is refreshing. i know hat these guys briig to the table haveesat in respects whenm. coaahes had the game plan against hese guys and i knoww% how stressful it is for those guys playing baltimore because i have been open opposite side of thatthow much stress that defenseeputs on peoole so to be open that side and not deal witness and worryyabout prosecute what protection will pick this up and what great.tion ppck that is up is >>reporter: ttat brings us to our question of the day. is superbowl winning ravens team? go to fox and
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tell us what you think. sound off through ffcebook send us a úweet at fox baltimore or text yourranswee to 45203. enter a.for yes and b.for no. responss might air tonight on theenews at 10:00. >> elsewhere troy smith wasn't unemployed for long. released by the ravvns on saturday% roster got down smith signed by the 49 ers. 2006 heismann trophy winner smith is no. 3 at san francisco behind smith and caa. he was et gg here afterrthe ravens decided to go with two quarterback. >> and o's for the series win against thh yankees aad prep player of the week coming uu. >> thanks day. beautiful day today. lettus know whht the weather will tip. feels lake august temperatures ecause we are in
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hear. here's what is going on right now. the camera bobbling a littte bit ttere. little bit out of tte south and will continue to see the win out of the souuh south west at 8 you see that temperatures 91 degrees so it has been a hot one out there much we have been in the low middle 90's for the day today. ohio. harris burg at 99 degrees. philadelphia niie degreessand salt and area of high pressure and we have tte clockwiseerotation of high front approaches from thed northwest you see the thunderstorms firing up dane v viile, highway. strong storms east of cleveland as well uu to euccid heading into pennsylvania. so looks like pennsylvania. so looks like this activity will
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hi. good mornining, tiger.

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